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Click on the thumbnail for the full size picture. All art work and Cerebus is copyrighted 2000 by Dave Sim and Gerhard.

Surprised Cerebus Fighting Cerebus Most Holy Barbarian Cerebus Debating Cerebus Dressed Up Cerebus
Cerebus Forgives, Most Holy Doesn't Original Logo Red Sophia Posey Weishaupt My Tattoo Regency Elf Barbarian Cerebus #2
Barbarian Cerebus #3 Angry Cerebus Fuzzy Sweater Cerebus Rabbi!
  • Bear: "Just. Whatta Call. Shoot" Waist up shot of Bear. B&W
  • Bear Head Shot: Head shot of Bear with steam coming out of his nose. B&W
  • Bear & Most Holy: BW. Bear and Most Holy eating.
  • Bear Drinking: BW. Bear having a drink saying "Okay Dokey"
  • Really Old Cerebus: BW. "That LAST comment? When Cerebus said, 'WhatEVER the reason IS, it CAN'T be ANY STUPIDER than what you just read out of that IDIOT BOOK'?" "Yes, Sir?" "Cerebus takes that back."
  • Barbarian Cerebus II: Color, Cerebus standing under a stone arch with his sword, the original art from the Epic "Ages of Cerebus" portfolio.
  • Pretty Sunsets: BW
  • Pretty Flowers: BW
  • Darr: BW
  • The Fan: The Rabbi Fan
  • Watching Birds: Birdwatching Cerebus
  • Bathrobe: Cerebus in his bathrobe
  • "Belch": Cerebus sitting with a bottle and a large Belch. Color
  • M&D Cerebus: Cerebus looking very upset with Cirinists in the background. B&W
  • Cerebus #100: The cover art to issue #100, shows most holy, barbarian Cerebus, and Prime Minster Cerebus. In color.
  • Flying Cerebus: From a cover from the mid-150's. Shows Cerebus holding Missy, with his sword stretched out in front of him. In color.
  • Upset Cerebus: Cerebus standing with his arms and sword raised above his head. Gray tone.
  • Looking Up: Cerebus holding the golden sphere, looking up towards the ascension. Gray tone.
  • Guess Tattoo: the tattoo on the model used as an ad for Cerebus, BW
  • Cerebus shouting no way!: looks like Cerebus is shouting no way! BW
  • Cerebus posing: Cerebus standing on a rock, with sword and cape. color
  • Upset Cerebus: Cerebus flying off at the hinge. bw
  • Young Cerebus: A young Cerebus telling his older counterpart he should've known better.
  • Thoughtful Cerebus: Cerebus thinking 'bout all the things he has done in his life, from Guy's Story. bw
  • Worse then Reads: Cerebus' opinion on a Sim book.
  • Five Bar Gate Player: Cerebus from the back cover of issue #267 as "Fred Hammer" professional five bar gate player.
  • Shepard: Cerebus from issue #266 as a shepard.
  • Early Early Cerebus: One of the first pics of Cerebus. In fact, it was sent to Mike Friedrich as a proposal for Quack.
  • Strip Club Owner: Cerebus as a Strip Club owner from #268
  • Hey Ugly: Cerebus in Guys trying to get the guys to laugh
  • Tied Up #1: Cerebus Tied up from the back of issue #276 (these are all on the back cover of issue #276)
  • Tied Up #2: Cerebus Tied up from the back of issue #276
  • Tied Up #3: Cerebus Tied up from the back of issue #276
  • Rabbi: Cerebus as Rabbi, back cover #276
  • Rabbi No More: No more Rabbi, Cerebus crumbling up the Rabbi outfit, back cover #276
  • Falling: Cerebus falling down with his leg cast on, back over #276
  • Spore: Cerebus as Spore, from the back cover of #276
  • Mad Cerebus: Cerebus yelling "What did Cerebus tell you about MOUTHING OFF?"
  • Cerebus Searching: Cerebus looking thru a magnifying glass from the cover of issue #286.
  • Cerebus as Prime Minister: Cerebus and a mercenary at a bar. Color.
  • Upset Most Holy: BW. "All right, you worthless vermin! No More Mister Nice Pope".
  • Mind Game I: Issue #20 scanned in and formatted into the large Cerebus picture.
  • Dave & Cerebus: Dave talking to Cerebus in the bar.
  • Jaka Reading: Color. From the cover of #169, Jaka sitting reading a book. At her feet is some Gerhard art of Rick & Hers apartment and Pud's Tavern on the side of the mountain.
  • Lil Jaka: Jaka spinning ‘round and ‘round. B&W.
  • Young Jaka: A sketch of a teenage Jaka from issue #134. B&W
Logos and Such:
  • AV Logo: AV's logo in BW.
  • Logo: The logo to the book, black text on a white background.
  • Spore Logo: From back cover of issue #276
Misc Characters: Roach:

Here is some art that could be used in flyers to promote Cerebus.

Women Love Him! Time For A Change Campaign Cerebus Sold Here
Promo Print: A promo art print handed out at the TorontoCon in Feb 1978.

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