Cerebus Readers in Crisis #1

Cerebus Readers in Crisis #1 cover

This comic was written by Jeff Seiler and penciled and inked by Larry Hart.  Jeff Seiler did the cover art, which was computer colorized by Jeff Tundis.  Dave Sim, of Cerebus fame, contributed one page of interior art and the cover lettering.  Cerebus Readers in Crisis #1 is the based on a true story, as told by Larry Hart, that happened to Jeff Seiler when he went to south Texas to work his summer, non-teaching job in 2005.

"The Making Of Cerebus Readers in Crisis #1" is a 50 page document which reproduces the correspondence between all parties involved detailing the process of making the "Cerebus Readers in Crisis" comic. It is an interesting read and includes reproductions of three letters from Dave Sim to Jeff Seiler, as well as 8 months of emails between Larry Hart and Jeff Seiler as they figured out just how the heck to do the comic book. As is so often the case in other forums, Dave Sim gets the last word in The Making Of CRIC #1, and it's worth waiting for!  In addition, Dave relates the backstory of how he arrived at the decision of what to draw for his contribution to the comic.

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