Alta Sociedad from Ponent Mon

April 30th, 2010

So a while back Dave gave his permission for Spanish, French and Italian translations of CEREBUS. The Spanish translation by Ponent Mon’s Andres Moon of HIGH SOCIETY is the first one to be published. ALTA SOCIEDAD will be a hardcover edition with the Ponent Mon name on the front, side and the ISBN on the back being the only other distinguishing marks on the cover:

High Society & Alta Sociedad

The Spanish edition is a slightly bit smaller then the English edition, but neither the cover art nor the interior art lacks for this. The book holds true to the fonts used, and where the artwork was touched up for the lettering, it appears seamless. I don’t speak Spanish good enough to read ALTA SOCIEDAD, but it appears to be a beautiful book that is worth the 30 Euros being charged for it. Heck, I’d paid $30 for a hardcover of the English edition. When asked about the hardcover vs softcover, Dave stated that the book being in hardcover was Ponent Mon’s decision, not his, as he prefers the softcover “phonebooks”.

The bookmark is a special item given out to the comic book stores in Spain / Europe – not really an incentive, more like a promo item. I was told by several that it was limited to 100 bookmarks. The one I have is #8 of 99 signed by Dave Sim.

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