Open Letter to Dave Sim

June 21st, 2007

An open letter to Dave Sim:

Hello Dave,

I wanted to comment on some of the thoughts you put out in the June 21th Blog & Mail (#283 for those keeping track of such things), to keep track of it all, David’s words are in italics and yours are in the Arial black font (and indented):

David writes: Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I removed you from the Wikipedia article on anti-feminism as a `noted’ anti-feminist. I tried to find out who did it, but couldn’t. You’re not `noted’ & even Margaret agreed.”

Well, you know, David, that gets into very awkward areas because I AM an anti-feminist: an unapologetic anti-feminist.

True. But I disagreed with the “noted” part not the anti-feminist part. Because in the context “noted” appeared to be ‘well known by the public’. You are indeed very well known within the comics industry, but to the, as the Cerebus Yahoo!Group likes to say, “mainstream media” you’re no Larry Summers, i.e. someone in the media eye for his beliefs.

By Margaret, I assume you mean Margaret Liss. Margaret is incredibly helpful with her website but she does have a (how would you describe it?) Dave Sim blind spot?  It’s very possible that someone doing a cerebusfangirl website is one of the few things that kept me out of jail for the last few years.

I doubt my website is that well known to accomplish that task.

I’m not happy about the fact that men have to have women vouching for them in our world, but I am not unmindful that it is a fact of life and that apart from Margaret there have been no other women who would even consider vouching for me and none who have done so or would consider doing so as extensively and on their own initiative as Margaret did and as Margaret continues to do even though I’m sure she has paid a price for it. I mean, straight out and in the open.

Any price I’ve paid for it is greatly made up by what I’ve gotten from Cerebus and your essays over the years as far as educational and entertainment purposes.

There are other women readers out there, and a few on the Yahoo!Group that occasionally “delurk” to contribute something meaningful to the discussion at hand.  They most assuredly would vouch for you, though I cannot speak to their reasons for not doing so as I have done, other then perhaps they have a life outside the internet. :)

“Speaking of Margaret, I may have scared her off after our e-mails about forming a future Legacy/Dave Sim & Gerhard Awareness Group when I told her that I’d use it as a springboard to promote Christianity. But still, I found her to be very polite & one of your biggest Cerebus supporters.”

Well, yes, I’m sure you did scare her off. Remember that with the Cerebus Yahoos (all but three of them) it’s all they can do to get their minds wrapped around the fact that Dave Sim believes in God and that he talks about God openly.

Your journey to the top of the mountain, so to speak, took you a while and was partially visible to the public eye via Cerebus and the essays contained therein. As I’m on my own personal journey, I rather just keep my beliefs about God that: personal. For some reason I find my beliefs on God a very personal subject and I usually would rather not discuss them with anyone; hence why I’m usually quiet on such topics.  I enjoy your openness about your beliefs, and I read your essays on the subject with what I hope is an open mind. But I must find out for myself, and not accept your beliefs as my own just because they are ‘Dave Sim’s Beliefs. I mean no repudiation of you or your beliefs by that, just that I hope to discover them for myself.

I rather have a Cerebus Legacy Group or a Dave Sim & Gerhard Awareness Group for promoting Cerebus, your essays and your other works. Those essays include whatever you’ve written, from Tangent to the Notes From The President. I don’t see that as promoting Christianity, but promoting your work. Let the people read the books, the essays, and make up their own minds what to think. Some will no doubt come to the same conclusions you did in Latter Days and in issue #289 / 290 and others might not.

As a possible member of such a Foundation (or group), I wouldn’t actively promote Christianity, I would put your works out there for others to read and discover and as I say, let the people decide for themselves. Which is what I attempt to do with my website: I’ve “published” on the web your essays from Tangent to Islam, My Islam (requested by David Carrington of my old post, Fort Monroe). Hopefully people will come across them via the different search engines and links and read them, digest them and think about them. It is the least I could hope to do with the website.

That and sell more Cerebus phonebooks.

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