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December 23rd, 2009

Way back in issue #156 of Cerebus I had my first letter printed in Aardvark Comment. One of the things I asked Dave Sim was for a collection of the Cerebus covers. At that time there were only the 156, but when 300 came and went, I yearned for a collection of all 299 covers.

So when this came up on eBay recently, I snagged it:

(side note: holy shit. WordPress made that embed too easy. Just put the url in the blog and presto, embedded video. I didn’t even have to use Flickr’s code. . .Nicely done wordpress. Nicely done.)

It was made by DP Banks, whose website Single Bound Studios, has a lot of examples of hard and soft cover bound single comics.  And before ya getcha panties in a twist, Dave Sim knows of the hardcovers and authorized them back in his October 11, 2007 Blog & Mail entry.

3 Responses to “Cerebus Covers Hardcovers”

  1. Bobby_N

    Though, somehow, I still like holding each ‘floppy’. Having the covers go all the way to the edge.

    Still a nice book though.


  2. Bobby_N

    PS: The Jaka’s Story & Guys covers are my favorite.


  3. margaret

    Hopefully if an AV covers book does get published, it is the large coffee table sized book – to see the original artwork even larger then the original comic size would be awesome. The Rick Story covers with how they played around with the tavern sign interacting with the cover are some of my faves (other then issue #114 & 141).

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