lots of idiot drivers

March 29th, 2009

So the past couple months I’ve been driving a lot on the highways – up to Vermont or down to New Jersey, it is limited to the northern eastern seaboard of the USA.  And wow, there are many a stupid driver out there, and either I was just looking for patterns in their stupidity or they happen to be stupid in all the same ways:

  • No Switchers: These people pick a lane and stay in it. Be it the far right lane, causing you problems when you try to merge on the highway, but they are there refusing to move over (or speed up / slow down). Be it the far left lane, causing you to have to slow down, and try to get around them as they refuse to move over even though people want to pass them.
  • Tag-A-Longs: There are two types of these drivers. The first kind tag-a-long with a car beside them making a very effective barrier to anyone trying to pass them. The second kind don’t want you to go: when you try to pass them, they speed up to keep up with you – until you just gun it so hard that their car can’t either keep up or they get caught behind someone slow in their lane.
  • Brakers: These drivers brake for no reason what-so-ever or because they get right up on the car in front of them, then keep tapping their brakes. . .like they lack the ability to draft properly.

The majority of drivers out there aren’t half bad and actually seem to have some common sense. . .but the 10% of drivers that fall in the above categories, they just make my driving experience . . .well, I was going to say painful, but there is an odd satisfaction to being able to get around one of these idiots, but at the same time, my trip could go so much smoother without them in my way.

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