Dave and tracing paper

September 27th, 2007

So yesterday I said I’d post Dave’s essay on using tracing paper. So I scanned it in and posted it on my website, here is a tidbit of it:

During one of these phases, I also began to use tracing paper as a means of correcting imbalances and inaccuracies in the drawings. This technique involved getting a close approximation of how I intended the finished drawing to look and then flipping the tracing paper over and either drawing a finished version of the figure directly on the other side of the sheet or putting another sheet of tracing paper over the first one and doing the finished version on that separate sheet. When a final version of a figure was achieved (in reverse), the finished drawing was then turned face down on the artboard and—by tracing over the image in pencil—a light pencil impression of the finished drawing was transferred to the artboard which could then be “tightened up” in pencil and inked.

And one of the items in Dave’s Blog & Mail today:

According to the inventory list from the warehouse, as of the end of June, I still have SIGNED AND NUMBERED FIRST PRINTINGS of (quantities in parentheses) JAKA’S STORY (13), READS (178), MINDS (225), GUYS (33), FORM & VOID (58), LATTER DAYS (14), THE LAST DAY (13). Just to show what a nice guy I am, I’ll let them go at cover price: same as the regular editions.

Which is interesting in itself: No more limited editions of RICK’S STORY? Of WOMEN? Of FLIGHT? of GOING HOME? Odd that those ones sold out and not GUYS, which I think is one of funnier Cerebus phonebooks out there.  Out of the Mothers & Daughters storyline, I think READS and MINDS are above FLIGHT and WOMEN. . .

…But perhaps AV just published just enough or not as much of those other books? Lets see:

Flight    5000
Women    3500
Reads    3500
Minds    2100
Guys    1000
Rick’s Story    1000
Going Home    1000
Form & Void    1000
Latter Days    1000
The Last Day    1000

So it looks like FLIGHT had more then those other, but yet it is sold out. Even more suprising, is that JAKA’S STORY with its 13 signed and limited edition copies left only had 435 limited editions. Interesting.

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