Cerebus issue #262 prelim sketches

September 26th, 2007

So I framed the preliminary sketch that I won on eBay of Cerebus issue #262 pages #10 & 11. The prelim sketch is just Dave Sim art, so only the characters – Gerhard did his own prelim sketches of just the backgrounds, which I’d love to get a couple of some day – they do look amazing. But I digress. Here is a picture of the page #10 section:

(click on the picture to see a bit bigger picture). The part on the left is the preliminary sketches on the tracing paper, and the bit on the right is the finished page from the actual issue. Tomorrow I’ll post the letter that Dave sent out with the prelim sketches from issue #300 which explains how he uses the tracing paper in the actual production of the comic (right now it is too close to bed time to be staying up scanning and proof reading text). Basically he sketches out what he wants to see in that panel, copies that from the tracing paper onto the actual Bristol board. . .I don’t know if it shows in the above picture, but there is a crease mark in the tracing paper between the two mirror images of Jaka.

The next part was of page #11 of the same issue:

The top portion is the prelim sketches and the bottom is the actual page from the comic. On these two sketches I don’t see the roughs that he did for other one – it looks like these were an after thought: just use the tracing paper after he finished with it for the page 10 prelims to do some sketches for what he was looking for as far as emotion in Jaka’s face – though looking at the comparision between the two, it looks as if he used these two sketches.

Here is what the prelim “page” looks like in the frame with the matte:

I need to cut the matte a bit to show Dave’s signature, but other then that it looks pretty good to me. So for under $10 I got a piece of original Dave Sim art that was used in the production of an issue of Cerebus – four sketches of Jaka and a bit of Cerebus history. How could I say no?

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