Riding with Dad

September 22nd, 2007

So my dad came up to visit today. We went out for a motorcycle ride together. Turns out he has only 1,100+ miles for the season on his bike so far, compared to the 3,000+ (in three months!) for my bike, he needs to play a little catch up. . .

Though he has managed to put over 100,000+ miles on his Honda – he has ridden it all over the country: from Colorado to North Caroline to New Hampshire and points in between.

He hadn’t seen my new bike, so he came up to see it and go for a ride with me:

When I saw my bike beside my Dad’s I was suprised at how my bike was about the same size as his. I asked him what his, a 1986 Honda Shadow 1100cc, weighed: about 520 pounds. Umm. My bike weighs close to that: about 498 pounds. So not much difference. When I sat on his bike, it felt a bit higher, but not by much. His handlebar set up is obviously different then mine, with his pulled back a bit and mine straight out right. So with mine you tilt a little bit forward, with his you just lean back, but my elbows were right by my waist, I felt like I was squeezing my girls together – not too comfortable.

But the seat of his bike! It was sooooo comfortable. I definately have to get rid of my stock seat and get a more comfortable seat next season. He has done a lot of other “mods” to his bike, from pulling in the front turn signals so they are closer to the fork to putting the back turn signals on the rear fender to putting larger tires on the bike to the customized paint job to all the little engine mods, the bike has some serious time spend on it both riding and caring for it.

For the ride we went on my usual route, about 40 some miles through southeastern Massachusetts. The leaves are just start to change colors, with some trees red, yellow and orange and some trees still a vivid green. It was a nice peaceful ride. A few other bikers were on the road, and it felt odd to be riding lead with my Dad about 15 feet behind me, and giving the other bikers “the wave” as we rode pass each other.

I got my love for riding from my Dad, and he has taught me a lot about it: from maintenance on the bike to tips for things to watch out for while riding, and it was real nice to be able to go out riding with him.

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