Freezing my nose off

September 18th, 2007

So yesterday I rode into work on the motorcycle. I don’t know how cold it was when I left the house, but when I got to work it was 44 degrees F. On the way in, with my insulated jacket and gloves, I was kinda warm. My nose and cheeks were chilly and my legs were getting cold. Even though it was a bright sunny dry day out I was the only one on days that rode my bike in. One of the second shift guys rode in also, and that was it.

Today I was prepared. Kinda. I wrapped a scarf around my neck to protect my nose and cheeks. So they were warm. My legs were getting chilly though. Time to start looking at chaps. . .through I really don’t want to look like a village person. . .meh. There are “ladies” chaps, and the white pair of Icon’s chaps look halfway decent, and would match the bike. . .but for $260? Yoinks. I’ll just put some thermal underwear on under my slacks for now. . .


On Sunday I went to the Newport International Boat Show in Newport, RI. It was insane. They had all these boats lined up in the water along the piers:

It was a bit . . .odd to see the boats just lined up, being able to walk up to them, take off your shoes and walk on them. We got to look around some super expensive boats. The first one we saw, a 50 some foot cataraman with two full size cabins, two heads (with toilet and shower), a smaller bunk bed cabin, a full kitchen with fridge, stove, microwave, sink, et al. And don’t forget the flat screen teevees for every cabin and the “living room / dining room” area. It looked like it had the same square area as my apartment did.

All for a measly $820K Canadian.

There a ton of boats like that. . .with so much under deck room it was crazy. Walking on pieces that had carpet and flowers and other such stuff. The boats were pretty and nice to dream of owning one, but at the same time . . .it all was too much for me. All I could think about was the slums of Port-au-Prince. . .

While we were in Newport we walked over to Goat Island. Yes, I said that right: walked over to an island. There is a small bridge connecting the two. Goat Island isn’t that big at all, it has a hotel, a restaurant and some private condos on it, and that is about it. Well, several parking lots and docks, but that is about it. No goats whatsoever. But a nice view of the light house and Newport Bridge:

It was pretty neat to see the bridge from that angle. I’m used to just going over it, not seeing it from the side like that. There was also a large cruise ship parked right on the other side of Goat Island. Well, not “parked” but tendered as they would say. It was pretty neat to see – it looked like a hotel out on the ocean.

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