Letter from Dave

September 14th, 2007

Dave responded to my letter. Or more precisely, letters. One from my blog on June 21st and one from my blog on June 24th. He also responded to a letter I sent him about the fan club I sent to him in response to the letter I got from him on May 7th.

The thing is, it isn’t a letter in the usual sense. . .It is more of an email printed out and sent via snail mail. More aptly it is a blog entry printed out and sent via snail mail. It looks like Dave will be using my letters for blog fodder, like I do with his, on Sept 25, Sept 26 and Sept 29. . .At least that is what the dates are on the print outs. Odd that it skips two days, we’ll see what  comes in between them.

But along with the print out of the Blog & Mail ‘to be’ were some fanclub items: a FOC membership card from 1984, 1983, a couple magnets, a pin:


And some letters from the fanclub. I’ll be scanning those in tomorrow and posting them on the CFG site.  While the goodies were a very nice suprise, what made me smile was this sentence:

“Margaret first pointed out that her own views on God are very private, so, respecting that, I won’t quote what she had to say on the subject.”

Is part of why I respect him. I mean other then Cerebus of course. . .

There was some other stuff, but I won’t spoil the surprise – it’ll be out in a week and a half or so. . .

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