22 or maybe more?

September 8th, 2007

So there I was, playing Sushi Samurai and someone knocks on my door. I hear the door knob twisting as someone tries to open it. What the hell? I got up to look through the peephole and couldn’t see anything. Someone had put their finger over the peephole, and they continued to knock.

Nice try asshole, I  thought as I put the little latch on that prevents the door from opening more then 2 inches. Whoever it was kept trying for a couple more seconds then gave up, only to walk down the stairs and out the door.

Some guy with long blonde lockes.  He went up to the area by the clubhouse, and I could see a lot more people walking around there. They made their way down the hill to the main door, and I could see the same asshole with them. They opened the door and started coming up the stairs. The blonde guy starting shouting that it was in my apartment number, and some girl that was with him corrected him.  Almost all of them were carrying bags of some kind, like the small carry-on bags. . .

The apartment upstairs was having another get together? What the hell?


Last night they had about 10 people over for  lord knows what. They came over and turned on some music. . .some 80s  tune. . .and then about an hour later, they all left together in different cars. Like they were all going out together.  I was just glad that I wouldn’t have to listen to them all night


So these people all came up the stairs – loud as could be, no regard for anyone in the apartments by the stairs they were going up.  They turned on some music, and I could hear a sing-a-long to Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline. . .but the thing was, it wasn’t really that loud.  I mean I could hear it, but for as many people as I saw go up those stairs, it wasn’t that loud.

Eventually that went off, and when it was just the people in the room, I could hear them moving around, and the usual creaking of the floor, but it was hard to believe that the room above me was crowded.

About an hour later it broke up. I could hear the door open and people started coming downstairs – carrying their bags. I couldn’t  tell if they had gotten changed, but I think some of them had.

I did a head count and got 21 people and I heard one still moving around upstairs: for a grand total of 22 people.

22 people in an apartment the size of mine? Insane. Where did they all sit? Did they just go up their and get changed one after the other? I don’t know, but I’m glad that they didn’t stay long.

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