Thunder . . .Magic the Wonder Horsey

January 29th, 2011

In Jaka’s Story we learn how Jaka would ride Magic the wonder horsey when she was a little girl:

According to Dave in the Note From the President in issue #120 of Cerebus:

“Magic the wonder horsey ride exists between Mill Street and Highland Road right here in Kitchener, just behind the lawn-bowling and tennis club.”

So one Cerebite scholarly squirrel (Hi Eric!) narrowed down the spot on google maps. I had wondered where the Real Life Thunder was, even if I knew that the horse hadn’t been in existence for a bit, as the cover to issue #114 where the above picture is  taken from is my favorite Cerebus cover. I know that the background was taken from a picture Gerhard took at Bruce Mines, but part of me would still like to see the actual park.

I asked Dave if that was the spot and he drew a map of where the park is located (click for an enlargement so you can read what he said):

Eric had indeed found the correct spot (once again, click for bigger picture):

3 Responses to “Thunder . . .Magic the Wonder Horsey”

  1. diamondjoecity

    Margaret, thanks for the post. I used Google Earth to locate the park. In the frame capture you used above, the playground is just to the right, I believe.

  2. margaret

    Aye, I thought this look captured the spot Sim had pointed out closer to the tennis court and captured the spirit of the cover to issue 114 (even if it isn’t what Ger used for a basis. . .). Thanks for your help in finding the park.

  3. diamondjoecity

    My pleasure. I also feel the cover to 114 is among the series’ finest and one my personal faves. I was just admiring it again the other day. Thanks for the Sim fax and the link to the Bruce Mines photo.

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