The Dave Sim's Notes From The President Archive

Hello and welcome to the Dave Sim Memorial Notes From The President Archive. This is verison 2 of the "DSMNFTPA", the original version (and the hard work of transcribing the original notes) was by Ampersand, who (like the majority of Cerebus fans) was nice enough to let me put the archives on this site when the original went offline. Since then, I've scanned in a lot more NFTP and added to the ever growing archive.

In Cerebus, Dave wrote an editorial, entitled "Note From The President". In these notes, he wrote about anything that captured his interest. From the original DSMNFTPA:

"Sim's editorials in Cerebus comprise an impressive (if eccentric) body of writing, and I thought it would be fun to put some of the editorials on the web. I've started with a series of editorials in which Sim wrote about how to be a cartoonist, and how to self-publish, since there is acute interest in these questions.

All of Sim's "how-to" essays are now (1/14/96) here, and I'm adding Sim's editorials on other subjects as time allows. The choices of which editorials to add are pretty much aribitrary."

Of course, All of Sim's editorials are (c) Dave Sim, and are collected here with permission. Dave Sim can be contacted at Box 1674, Station 'C', Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, N2G 4R2.

Notes on how to become a cartooning self-publisher:

More Misc. Notes:

The text to #zero's NFTP is very interesting. Dave talks about trying to sum up a 300 issue epic and why he calls his editorial the Note From The President.

In the NFTP for the Cerebus Jam issue, Dave talks about where those stories fit in with respect to the regular series.

Dave Sim's 1993 Pro-Con Speech. Dave sums up the basis for his self-publishing philosophy, in a long but invaluable speech. Topics include: why companies will screw you over, why you can't sue, and how to get started self-publishing.

Also, from Cerebus #171, Gary Reed's Guide to Self-Publishing.

"Probably the most frequent email request I get is to reprint the text to the infamous issue 186. This issue, more than any other thing, is what earned Sim his misogynyst reputation. (Note: since the DSMNFTPA only has permission to reproduce Sim's editorials, whereas the issue 186 text is technically part of the storyline, this link will take you off this site.)"